A dance with glazes and forms

Dancing Dune is a new, batch-produced collection created using 3D design in symbiosis with manual dexterity. Anna Elzer Oscarson has collaborated with craftsmen and women at the porcelain factory at all stages, from the casting moulds to the unique glazes. The collection is beautifully packaged with its own design language inspired by the handcraft process.


Nomination in the film category in Kolla! 2016


AEO is an original brand created by Anna Elzer Oscarson. Exploring a rich variety of materials is Anna’s specialty as she provides products for an inspiring environment; each piece crafted with love and skilled workmanship. Beautiful, inviting objects that you want to keep close to you all your life.

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Graphic identity for a diamond profile.
In close collaboration with Porslinsfabriken in Lidköping, designer Anna Elzer Oscarson created an exclusive porcelain series called Dusty Diamonds.