AEO is an original brand created by Anna Elzer Oscarson. Exploring a rich variety of materials is Anna’s specialty as she provides products for an inspiring environment; each piece crafted with love and skilled workmanship.
Din Sko
NilsonGroup is a retail business selling shoes on the Scandinavian market. NilsonGroup owns and operates 330 stores and has several strong brands in its portfolio. Din Sko is the brand that aims to reach trendy, younger audiences.
Folkets Hus Göteborg
Folkets Hus has provided a meeting place for Gothenburg's citizens since the late 19th century.
Gothenburg Dance & Theater Festival
The Gothenburg Dance & Theater Festival is an international biennal performing arts festival in Gothenburg that offers dance, theater and contemporary circus acts from some of the world's most prominent artists.
IKEA FOOD is working actively to strengthen its position regarding meal times and our eating habits.
Perstorp AB
Perstorp AB is an international group working in the chemical industry and located in Perstorp in southern Sweden.
Schwartzkopf is a brand that specialises in haircare for consumers and hairdressers.
Stadsbiblioteket Göteborg
When Gothenburg City Library reopened in 2014 after three years of renovation, the classic building had been transformed into a new meeting place.
Ung Cancer
Ung Cancer is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of young adults who are suffering from cancer aged 16–30.
Värmlands museum
Långban is an old mining town in Värmland, which it is easy to drive past. Visitors who stop find one of the world's richest mineral sites where they can find unique minerals that formed 1.8 billion years ago.
Alingsås Kulturhus
Alingsås Kulturhus houses a library, a cinema, an art gallery and a historical museum and aims to be the natural meeting place for all residents in Alingsås, and a gathering place for ideas and creativity.
Borås Konstmuseum
The Borås Art Museum of Modern Art is well-known for its highly acclaimed national and international exhibitions and for its rich collection of Swedish contemporary art. 
Dixie is a Swedish interior design company selling products throughout Scandinavia via Mio Möbler, Stockman, Norrgavel and Svenssons i Lammhult among others.
Footi is a new, colourful sneakers brand for kids. Featuring cool design and durability, it is owned by the Norwegian shoe company Viking Footwear.
Starting in 2002 as a small skate shop, Junkyard has now grown into the largest Scandinavian online store for street fashion.
MQ is one of Scandinavia's leading branded fashion wear chains with 121 stores. Through a mix of proprietary brands and other selected brands, MQ offers highly fashionable clothing for men and women in attractive stores. 
Polarn O. Pyret
Polarn o Pyret is a Swedish brand that sells children’s clothes. The company believes that children should be children, and has designed, manufactured and sold clothes with a focus on play and harsh climates since 1976.
Sisley is an Italian fashion brand owned by the Benetton group. The brand is known for its provocative style and its bold graphic expression.
Stora Teatern
Stora Teatern in Gothenburg is an arena for music, theatre, dance and contemporary circus which aspires to become Scandinavia’s premier guest stage for the performing arts.
Varbergs Kusthotell
Varbergs Kusthotell started life as a health spa in the early 1900s. Today it is a modern hotel with a Thalassothearapy spa, generous conference facilities and an inviting restaurant.
Westerbergs creates premium products for the bathroom and is part of the HAFA bathroom group.
Art & Theory
Art and Theory is a publishing house dedicated to quality books on contemporary art, photography and aesthetics. The focus is on creating exceptional publications that unify content, appealing book design with relevant and inspired texts.
Elektron has developed and produced electronic musical instruments for musicians across the world since 1998. From humble beginnings with a few instruments and users, the innovative company has grown and established a solid place for itself in the music industry.
One of Sweden largest law firms, Glimstedt has offices at 16 locations across Sweden as well as in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our main client is the Gothenburg office, which specialises in property-related law.
Hivplus is a communications body for the WAD network, which comprises a number of organisations who work collectively to counteract the stigma attached to hiv.
La Redoute
La Redoute is a French mail order company founded in 1875. The company has a rich history and a long tradition of solid craftmanship that has been reflected in a series of collaborations with leading fashion brands over the years.
Myrorna is a second-hand chain whose profits go to people who are in difficulty. In the summer of 2015 we began a long-term partnership.
Röhsska Museum of Desigin and Craft
For over 100 years, the museum has been the place for design history at its finest. From fashion to ceramics dated back to the old Ming dynasty, Röhsska has shown us the beauty in contemporary design.
Smartline is a Swedish brand that designs and produces smart lightning and timer solutions.
Teater Halland
The largest theatre in the region, Teater Halland (Halland Theatre) is tasked with meeting high artistic standards, providing a central theatrical hub and playing an active role in public debate.