What comes around goes around

People are living like our planet’s assets are endless, but newsflash, they’re not! Myrorna want to stop this crazy consumption and get people to start thinking in circular motions. That’s why this campaign aims to show the smart ways of cradle-to-cradle-livin’. If you give some, you’ll get some and that’s cool.


Myrorna is a second-hand chain whose profits go to people who are in difficulty. In the summer of 2015 we began a long-term partnership where the goal is to enhance their profile, rejuvenate the target audience, increase reuse and create the conditions for occupational training and social work. With integrated campaigns we will increase sales and establish Myrorna as an alternative to the big chain stores, primarily within fashion and interior design.

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Save the water supplies by buying second hand jeans
The manufacturing of brand-new jeans consumes about 11 000 litres of water a pair. That’s a lot! Myrorna want people to save the water supplies by buying second hand.
A fair Christmas
When playing the Christmas present game, you may buy a lot of unnecessary stuff and it may be one person who ends up with all the presents. So our idea was to make the game more exciting and fair.
The haul is dead. Long live the rehaul!
To encourage more young people to donate clothing for second hand use, Aoki has teamed up with Myrorna on the launch of rehaul – a response to the consumer-orientated trend of posting haul videos online.
Dance the brand
This film for Myrorna is about recycling. It explains why they are here, what they do and why you should buy second-hand products. 
Myrorna Find your own style. It will help other people.
Using a mixture of films and photos, we demonstrate how you can find your own style at the same time as supporting people in difficulty. Follow Myrorna on Instagram and buy second hand.
Turn it into a sport to save the world
New year, new me. A campaign that will help you with the exercise to become a better consumer.
An imaginative film inspiring interior decoration with a personal touch
Myrorna’s autumn campaign was focused on interior design. We chose to work with Parham, the Gothenburg-based rapper, setting the campaign inside his studio.
Myrorna in a new form
A completely new graphic design for Myrorna was based on the logotype’s primary colours which were combined in various ways. It´s flexible, distinct, and of course playful. 
Set the table as only you can
With the theme of “Duka som bara du kan” [Set the table as only you can], we inspired Myrona’s customers to dare to set the table in their own personal style