An identity that originated 1.8 billion years ago

Långban belongs to Värmlands Museum but needed its own identity to differentiate itself and build its own strong brand as a tourist destination. We created a visual concept inspired by flourescent minerals and the darkness inside mine galleries. The graphic expression is a far cry from the feel of the collections of red wooden houses that many other Swedish tourist resorts use to promote themselves with. The expression was implemented on a brand platform, a graphic identity, an exhibition concept and a website. 

Värmlands museum

Långban is an old mining town in Värmland, which it is easy to drive past. Visitors who stop find one of the world's richest mineral sites where they can find unique minerals that formed 1.8 billion years ago. Already in the 1500s, people began mining iron ore in the area, a practice which continued until the 1970s when the mine closed down. The mining village is still standing with its buildings, mineral collections, exhibitions, and beautiful scenery, and is now a tourist destination operated by Värmlands museum.