Recruitment for the City of Gothenburg

The City of Gothenburg believes that the citizens aren’t aware of the wide variety of job opportunities the city holds. That there in fact are over 55 000 persons working within the city of Gothenburg. To create awareness amongst the people of Gothenburg, Aoki, in collaboration with Visual Communication Gothenburg, Kakadua Film and Hoy Multimedia, produced a series of short films. The films are in documentary style and are available on the City of Gothenburgs online channels. These 20 films have the purpose to promote the variety of people and jobs available. Cinema friendly trailers were made and will be aired in the summer of 2018.


We also re-did a test that determines what job is most suitable for you. The test is available through any device and lets you answer questions that indicate what kind of person you are and what kind of job within the city is right for you


Watch all films here.

Visual Communication / The City of Gothenburg

Visual Communication is an internal support for the City of Gothenburg and perform graphic original production for administrations and companies in Gothenburg. They also advice on how the City of Gothenburg's graphic profile can and should be applied accordingly.