A noisy art exhibition

Aoki was commissioned to develop the visual concept for an exhibition that celebrated the meeting of art and music. We created a visual identity that builds on a musical generation that is in opposition, turns 180 degrees, revolts and can't be controlled. The graphic identity was applied to flyers, posters, the exhibition catalogue, a film trailer and adverts among other things. The goal was to reach a wider audience rather than the usual museum visitor. Many new visitors found their way to the exhibition through the music. The vernissage broke the attendance record and the exhibition attracted a lot of attention in newspapers, as well as on TV and radio. 

Borås Konstmuseum

Borås Art museum has its origin in a small art museum that was founded in 1934 by a charity collection initiated by Borås- and Sjuhäradsbygden's Art Club. In 1978, the Art Museum moved to Kulturhuset. The Borås Art Museum of Modern Art is well-known for its highly acclaimed national and international exhibitions and for its rich collection of Swedish contemporary art.