Aoki is a Design and Communications Agency. We package and develop brands from a strategic point of view, from identity to campaigns. Brands that we really believe in.


Together we build strong brands, reposition brands and create sales. We strengthen good and sound values. We also hope that what we do changes the world a little bit.
We want our work to make a difference, to our customers, but also to those around us, our society and our environment. Together we define a lifestyle, a DNA that leads to commercial and emotional change. It is a natural and transparent process.
Put simply, we work in three steps or within three areas that can be prioritised depending on the content of the assignment: Strategy. Design. Communication.
We create a customised workgroup based on the scope and focus of each assignment. We use leading specialists in different phases, but the same people always manage the process. Our customers are always in close contact with both the project manager who manages the cooperation and the creative team.



A clear strategy is essential for continued design work, the development of a brand or a campaign. It can be something which is written in stone when we enter the process, or something which we develop together.
We believe that a strategy should always be clear and relevant. We condense the content into a communicative essence. This can result in a brand platform or a communication platform, for example. A strategy should engage, include and involve, not exclude.

We look for the feelings and statements that convey the brand’s core values and the company’s soul.


At Aoki, we believe that design is a visual story with its own personality. We look for the feelings and statements that convey the brand’s core values and the company’s soul. These are based on the company’s history, products and services. We call this communicative design.


Aoki creates visual and communicative content across all channels. We start with a communications platform that sets the guidelines with the aims, implementation and follow-up.
Many of our customers have an in-house communications department. To simplify the cooperation and strengthen the message, we work with a working model that leads to the creation of a toolbox. This contains the visual and communicative elements for ongoing work. The toolbox creates guidelines to ensure consistency and clarity. Do you want to find out more? Write us an e-mail or give us a call.