Aoki is a design and communication agency.

We package and develop brands from a strategic point of view, from identity to campaigns. Brands that we really believe in.

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A brand-new look for Smartline
Smartline is a Swedish brand that designs and produces smart lightning and timer solutions. When releasing the new concept Flow, they felt in need for a new look and a sharp communications strategy, proclaiming how easy Flow is to use.
Dance the brand
This film for Myrorna is about recycling. It explains why they are here, what they do and why you should buy second-hand products. 
Recruitment for the City of Gothenburg
20 films with the purpose to promote the variety of people and jobs available within the city of Gothenburg.
Turn it into a sport to save the world
New year, new me. A campaign that will help you with the exercise to become a better consumer.
The first book from one of Sweden’s leading artists.
As one of the leading young photographers during the early 90´s, Lotta Antonsson brought Swedish photography onto the contemporary art scene. This is her first book, and the first book designed by Aoki. 
An imaginative film inspiring interior decoration with a personal touch
Myrorna’s autumn campaign was focused on interior design. We chose to work with Parham, the Gothenburg-based rapper, setting the campaign inside his studio.
The haul is dead. Long live the rehaul!
To encourage more young people to donate clothing for second hand use, Aoki has teamed up with Myrorna on the launch of rehaul – a response to the consumer-orientated trend of posting haul videos online.
An identity with a graphical style which is easy to work with and ideal for highlighting statistics and information.
A friendly invitation to spring
In worrying and unpredictable times, we long for the calm and comfort reflecred in the shades of spring. A finley-tuned, natural colour scheme conveying a homely sense of contentment. 
The best soccer team in Sweden (some people may disagree) have full control of their balls
The most common form of cancer among young adult men is testicular cancer. Therefore, it is important that young men check their testicles once in a while.
Keeping warm is as easy as 1, 2, 3
The aim of the campaign was to strengthen P.O.P’s position as experts in functional garments, and to communicate the three-layer principle, namely underwear, mid-layer, and outerwear.
From garage band to professional arena
From garage bands to continental design. Our task was to give the brand a new graphic identity, a design which included many different musical styles.
An accessible and joyful long-life concept
Our task was to design a new long-life concept, one that felt more accessible and joyful than before, and with an excellent digital presence.
From vintage furniture to producer of strong Swedish design
Brand work and a new visual identity that clearly reflects Dixie's values and the brand's personality.
Dobber – Photography and fashion at the Röhsska museum
Part of the relaunch of the new identity was an exhibition in collaboration with the Röhsska design museum in Gothenburg.
Comfortable clothing for memorable performances
The Comfortable clothing for memorable performances campaign mocks the whole perfect kids phenomenon.
Graphic identity for a diamond profile.
In close collaboration with Porslinsfabriken in Lidköping, designer Anna Elzer Oscarson created an exclusive porcelain series called Dusty Diamonds.
A new visual identity för Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft
Röhsska Museum aims to show you what good design really is. With the new identity we wanted to challenge the perception of what that is.
Save the water supplies by buying second hand jeans
The manufacturing of brand-new jeans consumes about 11 000 litres of water a pair. That’s a lot! Myrorna want people to save the water supplies by buying second hand.
New identity, new everything
With the visual identity we want to display GR as the responsive and actionable organization it is.
Fun is a sport — Let's get ready!
For the 2018 spring campaign we kept creating a unique world, using film, photo and 3D animations.
Integrating digital shopping and inspiration
An inspiring and enjoyable shopping experience with a graphic form anchored in the brand. 
Graphic Identity for a creative meeting place
The new graphic identity signals a creative meeting place, with often unexpected experiences with artists from all over the world.
A fair Christmas
When playing the Christmas present game, you may buy a lot of unnecessary stuff and it may be one person who ends up with all the presents. So our idea was to make the game more exciting and fair.
Genuine craftmanship, featuring natural materials, textures and designs
A new season inspired by genuine craftmanship, featuring natural materials, textures and designs.
A changing identity
A new identity that would be perceived as being unpretentious, joyful and progressive.
The Age of Beauty
Twice a year, Schwartzkopf publishes a book that goes out to hair salons worldwide. We were tasked with renewing the book's design and making it clearer for the user.
A design programme. As taken from the book.
A colourful, vibrant, approachable, personable and apolitical identity.
The launch of a woody new product from IKEA
IKEA has been making wood furniture for over 50 years. The next wooden product is now being launched: IKEA Ice Tea, with the flavors of birch and pine.
52 steps from the sea
A communication concept with the sea at its heart, the salt of the Thalasso pool, seaweed baths, cold baths and the food inspired by the sea.
A relaxed concept in the Swedish countryside
Using Westerberg's key concept of wellbeing and inspiration from the Swedish plant kingdom, we developed an organic style to lift the strict from Westerberg's latest collection of bathtubs. 
A noisy art exhibition
Aoki was commissioned to develop the visual concept for an exhibition that celebrated the meeting of art and music. We created a visual identity that builds on a musical generation that is in opposition, turns 180 degrees, revolts and can't be controlled.
Reunion – Building a new brand for men
During the spring 2011, MQ launched a new brand for men. The style is simple and minimal. Our job was to produce a graphical identity and to take care of all the labels for the range.
How to renew a brand that's over 100 years old?
An update of the packaging design, that still perserves the tradition.
What comes around goes around
Myrorna want to stop the crazy consumption and get people to start thinking in circular motions. That’s why this campaign aims to show the smart ways of cradle-to-cradle-livin’.
Building a new identity for Teater Halland
Teater Halland were seeking to upgrade their graphical profile, and make it more unique.
Life is sweet enough
Too much sugar is bad for our health. This is why, in one bold step, IKEA’s cutting sugar at their drink towers in half.
A dance with glazes and forms
Dancing Dune is a new, batch-produced collection from AEO, created using 3D design in symbiosis with manual dexterity.
It’s time to embrace the autumn
Natural colour schemes conveying a homely sense of contentment.
The Tove Lo Collection
In spring 2014, Junkyard designed a unique collection with the musician Tove Lo in order to attract more girls.
Shoes with attitude and humour
The aim of the 2017 autumn campaign was to construct a unique world, showcasing the products’ features through 3D animations. The result was a light-hearted campaign with humour and attitude.
Myrorna in a new form
A completely new graphic design for Myrorna was based on the logotype’s primary colours which were combined in various ways. It´s flexible, distinct, and of course playful. 
Myrorna Find your own style. It will help other people.
Using a mixture of films and photos, we demonstrate how you can find your own style at the same time as supporting people in difficulty. Follow Myrorna on Instagram and buy second hand.
A young and inclusive design language
A graphic identity with a young and confident design language which works regardless of your gender and origin. 
Set the table as only you can
With the theme of “Duka som bara du kan” [Set the table as only you can], we inspired Myrona’s customers to dare to set the table in their own personal style
An identity that draws its inspiration from seaweed and mussel shells
The new graphic identity emphasizes the hotel's surrounding area and the sea.
Graphic identity for a creative meeting place
Alingsås Kulturhus comprises four departments: the library, museum, art gallery and Palladium movie theatre. Each has its own tasks, but they work together more and more.
Dobber – Sophisticated workwear since 1974
New graphical profile for one of Sweden's top denim brands in the 1980s.
Rebranding a building for the people
Starting with the existing spatial forms of the house, we formed an identity programme that feels both commercial and joyful as well as suggesting flexible premises. 
A collection for older children. A campaign for older children.
When children get older they want to participate in deciding what clothes to wear. This was a challenge for P.O.P., whose clothes were often seen as being too colourful and a little childish.
For all children in all weather
For all children in all weather is a campaign that aims to present the breadth of Polarn O. Pyret’s autumn and winter collection, from waterproof shells to warm, lined ski garments.